Enrique San Martín González. He has a degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) and in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Doctor in Economics from the UNED. His doctoral thesis “An economic analysis of inter-basin water transfers: the Tajo-Segura transfer” won the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the UNED and a second prize to the Doctoral Thesis Award of the Aquae Chair of Economics of the Water of the UNED, together with a notable impact among public, academics and researchers. He is a full professor of the Department of Applied Economics of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the UNED. His main line of research is the economics of the environment and natural resources, especially energy and water. He is co-director of the Consolidated Research Group "International and Spanish Political Economy" of the UNED and member of the Research Group "The Tagus River: towards a holistic approach to its problems and solutions" of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.