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Roberto Cabria, marine biologist with a master's degree in "Biodiversity: Conservation and Evolution" and another in "Marine Science and Technology". He specialized in coastal management, environmental assessment and conservation of marine ecosystems. He has extensive experience in marine ecology research and consulting in planning and management, as well as in data analysis and reporting, linked to the application of the Water Framework Directive for the evaluation of the state of coastal water bodies, the DPSIR analysis for the identification of pressures and impacts and the drafting of hydrological plans and their strategic environmental evaluation. He also develops work related to other European Directives such as Marine Strategies, Habitats Directive, Birds Directive or Flood Risk Management. He also has experience in the application of biological and physico-chemical indices in coastal water bodies and the marine environment. He also has experience in GIS analysis and statistical analysis (R, Python, Primer), as well as writing reports on environmental evaluation, quality of coastal waters and conservation of marine ecosystems.

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