PDelaFuente PortraitPatricia De La Fuente Gamero. PhD in Marine Sciences (UPC) and Msc in Global Change (UIMP-CSIC). Much of her career has been carried out at the Institut of Marine Sciences in Barcelona where she has worked on various research projects and has acquired a broad global and interdisciplinary vision of the physical, chemical and biological processes that occur in ecosystems, especially the marine, and its relationship with the variability of the past climate, and how it can be affected in turn by current global change. She has extensive experience in field work (oceanographic surveys, coastal sampling), analysis techniques of various physical and biogeochemical properties, data processing, process modeling, and research project management. She is co-founder of OneMind-DataScience, a group of researchers who provide support and training in data science. She is currently a researcher at the University of Burgos and coordinates and develops several citizen science projects for the study and conservation of aquatic ecosystems.