Antonio CasasProf. Dr. A.M. Casas Sainz is teacher and researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Zaragoza.  He has published over 100 papers in leading international journals and more than 60 in Spanish journals. He has worked extensively on palaeostresses, regional geology, basin analysis and basin inversion in the Iberian Chain and the Pyrenees, geometrical and analogue modeling considering different problems of geometry and kinematics of normal faults and thrusts, and also in geophysical prospecting of the shallow subsurface and analysis of geological risks linked to large dams and seismicity. A.M. Casas has been director of eight phD theses and six diploma theses defended at the University of Zaragoza and the University of Meknes. He has been main researcher of two 3-year projects of the Spanish science foundation and is the leader of the Geotransfer research group (20 researchers) at the University of Zaragoza since 2002.