JSalatBassStraitJordi Salat. Mathematician, Universitat de Barcelona (1973). He is oceanographer at the Institut de Ciències del Mar de Barcelona (CSIC), since 1974. He works on descriptive physical oceanography: ocean dynamics and water masses; operational oceanography; long-term hydrographic data analysis; physical-biological interactions in natural marine ecosystems and development of methodological tools for oceanographic and biological data processing, population dynamics, morphometric analyses and bioeconomical models. He is also pPart-time professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Departament d’Economia i Empresa, 1993-2010. He has a wide research experience, with 95 articles (48 in SCI journals), h-index = 21, more than 100 communications (more than 70 in international congresses); 40 oceanographic cruises (14 as Chief Scientist), participation in 48 scientific projects. He has experience in international collaboration as expert with UN agencies: IOC-UNESCO, UNEP, FAO and other international organizations: CIESM, ICSEAF, as well as local collaboration with national organisms, administrations and foundations as expert on oceanography, marine environment, fisheries and climate.