Foto Iñaki A.Iñaki Antiguedad works at the Geodynamics Department, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU). He has a PhD in Sciences (1986) and Geology degree (1978) by the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. He is professor at the UPV/EHU since 1979 and full professor in Hydrogeology since 1986. He has developed his research activity mostly in the field of hydrogeology (mainly hydrodynamics in karst areas and pollution in quaternary aquifers) and more recently in surface hydrology in catchments of the Basque Country, including sediments dynamics. He is the head of the Hydrogeology and Environment Group, which has been recognised as Consolidated Group by the Basque Government. He represents the UPV/EHU in the Water Board and is also member of the Territory Board, both of them advisory boards of the Basque Government. He has a wide experience in research projects, the last ones related to climate change, focusing on observed trends in discharge, water resources at the catchment scale in future scenarios of both climatic and land use change and river dynamics (impacts of floods on water quality in agricultural areas and attenuation processes in riparian zones). His  research production has been published in international journals as STOTEN, Environmental Geology, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Hydrological Processes, Journal of Hydrology, Journal of Environmental Quality, Catena, Applied Geochemistry, Journal of Environmental Management, Soil Science, Soil Biology and Biochemistry and Hydrological Science Journal.