JDRS fotoJosé Damián Ruiz is full Professor of physical geography. University of Málaga. Researcher head of research group "Physics geography and territory". Research Topics: Soil-water-plant relationships at different scales; Processes of desertification and soil degradation in Mediterranean environments; Water erosion; Impact of global warming in the South of Spain. Extreme events. He has research experience on water issues in international cooperation projects in Cuba ( University of Havana) and in Mexico (University of Tamaulipas). Other research projects deal with rainfall-induced erosion processes; soil infiltration, the role of human and socio-economic aspects in the integral management of watersheds and the incidence of the EU directive of abandonment of crops on soil degradation processes.  He is involved in more than 130 papers. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jose_Ruiz-Sinoga