Leandro DLMLeandro del Moral is a full professor at the University of Seville (Department of Human Geography). Throughout the last 20 years he has been researching on and assessing decision-making processes related to water  management in Andalusia, Spain and European Union. In recent years he has  led the Spanish teams of several international R&D projects on water resources (SIRCH, ADVISOR, SWAN) with especial attention to methodological aspects relating the analysis and diagnosis of socio-ecological systems, the identification of objectives and the definition of strategies for action based on social agents involved and active participation.  At present he also works in USA (University of Arizona, Tucson, partner of 7th European R&D programme) and Latin America, sharing the political ecology approach of  Waterlat (Sao Paolo 2010, Mexico DC 2011, Buenos Aires 2012, Quito 2013 and Manizales 2104).