Tony Herrera fotoTony Herrera

Biologist. Master in Environmental Management. He specializes in research and conservation of aquatic ecosystems. He has coordinated and directed numerous projects for environmental improvement and restoration of rivers and wetlands. Collaborates with several universities on various projects and initiatives. He has numerous scientific publications and informative and has given numerous presentations and lectures in multiple forums. He also has experience in participation processes and social dynamics. He has driven his own company and worked as a managing director in the field of environmental consultancy with over 15 years experience. He has led multidisciplinary teams of professionals to tackle different kind of  jobs in the field of environment and especially those related to water and aquatic ecosystems (state of water bodies, ecological studies, flooding, proposed figures of protection or planning regulations, etc.). He is a founding member of the New Water Culture Foundation, the Iberian River Restoration Centre and the Andalusian Network for a New Water Culture.