At present (May 2009) the development of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) implementation process in Spain is characterised by the common feature of a general delay, which impedes an assessment of the RBMPs. Despite the heterogeneity of situation, only the Balearic Islands are on time with the foreseen schedule. Spain is organised in 9 intercommunitarian districts1 (5 of them, international), managed, with a common approach by the central government through the Confederaciones Hidrográficas. Autonomous Communities are responsible for water management in the basins located exclusively in their territories. Andalusia, Galicia, Basque Country and Catalonia carry out WFD implementation for their “internal basins”. The Balearic and Canaries archipelagos are in charged of the process in their islands with the specificities derived from the insularity. The paper deals only with the intercommunitarian districts, all of them at the same stage of development with the only exception of the Júcar district, blocked due to a judicial dispute on regional competencies.

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